Big Brother/Sister continues to watch over us: Louisiana Congressman in hot water over videotape with female aide

Professional Video Camera isolated on white

In February, I wrote about how Big Brother/Sister in Alabama keeps an eye on numerous public places through the use of video cameras.  The same can be said about most states, including Louisiana. reported that recently elected Congressman, Vance McAllister, was caught on video embracing his district scheduler, Melissa Peacock.  The video is datedRead More

11th Circuit enforces class action waivers in arbitration agreements

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On March 21, the 11th Circuit joined the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 8th Circuits in enforcing class action waivers in arbitration agreements when claims are made under the FLSA.  In Walthour v. Chipio Windshield Repair, LLC, the arbitration agreement in question stated that the employees could bring claims only in an “individual capacity”, and notRead More

President Obama will direct DOL to expand overtime for millions of workers


The New York Times is reporting that tomorrow President Obama “will direct the Labor Department to revamp its regulations to require overtime pay for several million additional fast-food managers, loan officers, computer technicians and others whom many businesses currently classify as ‘executive or professional’ employees to avoid paying them overtime, according to White House officialsRead More

Truth is stranger than fiction: especially when it comes to sex


Stars and Stripes reported that Lt. Col. Joseph Morse, Chief Trial Counsel Assistance Program at Fort Belvoir, Va., who supervised 23 of the Army’s special victim prosecutors, has been suspended from his position. The special victim prosecutors are in charge of prosecuting assault, domestic abuse and crimes against children. He was also responsible for ArmyRead More

Big Brothers and Big Sisters are everywhere: and they are watching you

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In 1948, George Orwell’s “1984” was first published.  In 2014, 30 years post “1984”, not only is our government watching us, but so can everyone else.  The lead story in Sunday’s Birmingham News was “Who’s watching you?” This story discussed various facts about government surveillance in the Birmingham area:  1,500 surveillance cameras in Hoover alone,Read More

Pelham, Alabama Settles FLSA Overtime Class Action Lawsuit for $170,000

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I often post about the perils facing Alabama employers when claims are made for overtime under the Fair Labors Standards Act.  This week, reported that the Pelham City Council voted to authorize the settlement of a class action/collective action lawsuit that was filed in 2010 by a number of Pelham firefighters.  Subject to theRead More

Gay marriage lawsuit filed in Alabama


Whether you are for it or against it, the gay marriage dispute has finally hit the courtrooms of Alabama.  On Thursday, February 13, the Huffington Post wrote about the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is representing Paul Hard, held a press conference concerning a lawsuit filed this past December 16 in FederalRead More

Employer Mandate for some delayed another year by President Obama


President Obama’s administration has issued regulations that only employers with more than 100 full time employees will be subject to fines in 2015 unless they offer coverage under Obamacare.  The requirement to offer coverage for employers with 50 to 100 employees has been delayed until 2016.  These regulations followed the decision last year to notRead More

Employment law update: what’s hot right now?


Although the weather may be cold, there are several hot employment issues facing employers and employees in Alabama and around the country. These include: FLSA/Overtime.  I have previously posted about FLSA wage claims being filed in baseball, against the SF Giants and MLB itself.  Now, the Oakland Raiders are being investigated by the US DepartmentRead More