Monthly Archives: September 2009

The risks of providing references for current or ex-employees

Recently, Cindy F. Crawford and Jennifer Nycz-Conner wrote an article in the Birmingham Business Journal titled "Reading References".  The article dealt with some of the problems with giving references, and how to get additional information when employers only give the dates of employment.  Providing references is a potential pitfall for employers, and may subject both theRead More

Workers’ compensation: Scheduled injuries and disabling pain

The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals recently addressed the continuing attempt of workers injured on the job, with a scheduled member, trying to get around the schedule relying on disabling pain.  In Wehadkee Yarn Mills v. Harris, Deborah Harris was a long time employee at the mill, and at the time of her injury was a labRead More

Effective September 8, federal contractors must use E-verify

Last week, the Federal District Court in Maryland ruled that federal contractors must use the E-Verify system to confirm the eligibility of all newly hired as well as current employees working directly on a federal contract.  Unless there is a stay pending the appeal of this order, starting September 8, most federal contracts must includeRead More