Monthly Archives: October 2011

State court judge declares part of immigration law unconstitutional

On Monday, October 24, Jefferson County Presiding Judge Scott Vowell entered an order declaring that Section 27(a) of the Immigration Act unconstitutional.  This section provides that "No court of this state shall enforce the terms of, or otherwise regard as valid, any contract between a party and an alien unlawfully present in the United States, if theRead More

11th Circuit enjoins two more provisions of Alabama’s immigration law

On Friday, October 14, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals entered an order enjoining the enforcement of two more sections of Alabama’s new immigration law.  The Court enjoined the enforcement of Section 10, which states  "(a)  In addition to any violation of federal law, a person is guilty of willful failure to complete or carryRead More

Alabama’s immigration law impacts Department of Public Health

Alabama Department of Public Health delays licensing process. Recently, the Alabama Department of Public Health sent letters to all businesses it regulates advising them that the renewal of licenses for 2012 and the processing of new licenses has been impacted by the new Immigration Law. The ADPH is taking the position that the license isRead More

Employment law updates

Immigration      On Wednesday, October 5, Judge Blackburn denied requests made by the Department of Justice and a coalition of civil rights groups to delay implementation of HB 56 while on appeal.  Last week, Judge Blackburn upheld the vast majority of HB 56, while enjoining several provisions of the law.  The groups will be appealingRead More