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Law firm sued for pregnancy discrimination

Yesterday, I posted about two New York firms being sued for sexual harassment.  Today, I am posting about a Washington, D.C. firm being sued for pregnancy discrimination.  On April 22, 2013, Demetria Peart filed her lawsuit against Latham & Watkins in federal court in Washington.  Peart alleges that she was hired by Latham in April,Read More

Lawyers on the wrong side of the lawsuit

Sexual harassment can happen in any workplace, with any profession, including lawyers.  Recently, there have been two law firms/attorneys sued for sexual harassment by employees.  Both arose in New York.  Sabrina Rafi, who is 27, worked as a paralegal for James R. Ray, 50, whose office is located on Park Avenue.  The New York PostRead More

EEOC busy settling cases

Over the past week, the EEOC announced settlements in 3 separate cases.  These cases involved racial harassment, pregnancy discrimination, and disability discrimination.  They also announced that a defendant that settled a case was held in contempt of court for not complying with the order signed by the court. Racial Harassment. Utah construction company, Holmes & Holmes Industrial,Read More

1.2 million more reasons not to be foolish at work and more horror stories

Race and Gender Discrimination.  WSBTV in Atlanta reported on an award of $1.18 million against Fulton County as the result of discrimination based on race and gender.  Doug Carl worked for Fulton County’s Department of Human Services.  He was working as the interim director, when he was denied a promotion to director.  He claimed thatRead More

April 1 is over, or is it? There are fools everywhere

April 1 is over.  It was my birthday.  It was also April Fools’ Day.  The problem is,  there are fools everywhere in the workplace, and it is a daily problem.  In this entry, I am going to pick some of my most recent favorite news stories demonstrating that stupid people do stupid things.  Facebook postsRead More