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Get to Know: Urology Health Foundation

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Urology Health Foundation (UHF) is an organization dedicated to educating doctors and other healthcare professionals on new techniques and procedures being used in the field of urology, as well as patient education and free screenings for urological diseases, including prostate cancer.

Alabama is one of the nation's leading states in prostate cancer deaths. The Urology Health Foundation is working to change this by bringing urologists to patients in rural areas and providing free prostate screenings.

In fact, since 2007, more than 3,600 men have been screened for prostate cancer in many of Alabama's rural counties. Because of these free screenings, cancer was caught early in many men, who were able to get treatment and go on to live prostate-cancer-free lives.

Founded by Birmingham urologist Dr. Thomas E. Moody, the Urology Health Foundation holds several fundraising events throughout the year, including the Tour de Blue, a cycling ride. Many Sirote & Permutt employees and attorneys participate in this charity's events to help raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer screenings.

Sirote is proud to support the Urology Health Foundation. For more information or to make a donation, visit urologyhealthfoundation.org.

Sirote Supports, a Sirote & Permutt initiative, provides support to programs that strengthen the community and positively impact the areas of health, education and the arts. To learn more about Sirote & Permutt, please visit us at www.sirote.com.

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