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Julian Butler Retires as Madison County Attorney

January 18, 2012

Julian Butler, a long-time attorney of Sirote & Permutt in Huntsville, recently announced his retirement from the Madison County Commission. Butler, 72, told the commission that he would retire from the job he's held for 35 years effective January 1.

"It has been the most satisfying part of my professional life," says Butler, a lawyer for 46 years.

The county commission acted immediately and appointed Sirote attorney J. Jeffery Rich, who has been working closely with Julian for more than 20 years as Julian's successor.

“I am very proud of Julian,” says John Cooper, CEO, “and I, like Julian, have mixed emotions about this passing of the torch. However, Julian deserves to spend more time with his family and to enjoy his hobbies and traveling. Jeff has been doing a great job for the county as Julian's partner and now he will do a great job as the officially designated county attorney."

Congratulations to both Julian Butler and Jeff Rich!

Read more in the Huntsville Times article.

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