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We were there for Bruno Event Team

Before Bruno Event Team ever produced its first professional golf tournament, collegiate sports championship, international soccer match, or Indy Grand Prix race—to name just a handful of events through which the company has built a strong national reputation—Sirote was there to assist. Senior partner Richard Cohn already had a longtime relationship with the Bruno’s Supermarkets chain, so when Ronnie Bruno and Gene Hallman decided to form Bruno Event Team, Cohn drew the original legal documents. They’ve worked closely together ever since.


An Auspicious Beginning


One early milestone that helped propel Bruno Event Team—and Birmingham—onto the big stage of sporting events was what was first known as the Bruno’s Memorial Classic, the first Champions Tour event ever held in the city and a major fundraiser for Alabama charities. That was in 1991, even before the formal creation of Bruno Event Team in 1995. Now known as the Regions Tradition, it continues to rally the community and raise significant money for charities—$13 million and counting—to this day.


In the years since, the list of events Bruno Event Team manages has grown larger, more diverse, and more prestigious every year. These stretch from a wide variety of golf, motorsports, and collegiate events in their home base of Birmingham to events as far ranging as the U.S. Senior Open in Edmond, Okla., and the Shaw Charity Classic in Calgary, Alberta.


Along the way Bruno Event Team has also spawned other successful companies, including Zoom Motorsports, which is the exclusive promoter and event management team for Barber Motorsports Park, world renowned for its unique course and events like the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama. Clearly, Bruno Event Team has been an inspiring success story, building an impressive roster of major clients while also bringing communities together through sports.


Teamwork Behind the Scenes


Company President and CEO Gene Hallman considers Bruno Event Team’s relationship with the people of Sirote—Cohn in particular, whom Hallman now considers a personal friend—vital to their continued growth.

“Richard has been instrumental,” he says. “Some attorneys will just find ways to tell you how you can’t do things. Richard takes the attitude of, ‘I’m going to figure out the solution for how you can do this.’”  

Hallman points to several times he felt Cohn and Sirote went above and beyond to help the company achieve its dreams. Following their successful management of the 1999 U.S. Women’s Open, Bruno Event Team approached the USGA about managing several of its championship events. “Richard actually flew with us to meet with their senior executives in Far Hills, N.J. He was right there with us, courting the USGA to allow us to do work for them.”


Hallman notes that Sirote acts as a corporate sponsor for several Bruno Event Team events that raise money for charity—and many of them do—which is another reflection of the company’s and Sirote’s shared values. “Doing things the right way has always been important to the Bruno family, and Sirote understands that our goal is for that to carry into how we do things here.”



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